Especially for Dads and Partners

Dear Dads and Partners,

We as midwives know your main concern is safety and cost. So lets address those thoughts.

Your loved ones are so precious to you and you want the very best care for them. We want them to be healthy and well for two reasons. The first and most important is the reason we became midwives, to encourage positive outcomes for mothers and babies. Secondly, we have to answer to our licensing organizations and they keep a close watch on midwifery care outcomes. Lets take a look at what midwifery care and home birth is about.

Statistically throughout the world midwives have better outcomes than hospitals or doctors. Midwives bring the same equipment you find at a freestanding birth center into the comfort of your own home, including equipment to monitor baby and mother during labor and safety equipment to handle any concerns that may arise during or after the birth.

At home you and your family are the only ones being cared for. Midwives always have a skilled assistant or another midwife with them. Your partner and baby’s health and well being are the top priority. Having midwifery care means mother and baby are cared for by the same provider from the beginning of pregnancy until six weeks post partum so we really get to know your family and their needs. Mothers are provided with nurturing support and babies are respected as important individuals. It is family-centered and your participation and other family members’ are supported.

Affordability is maintained by the ability to do payment plans, bill PPO insurance for partial payment, and often a birth with midwives is less than the share of cost/deductible for a hospital delivery. (For more on cost, see The Cost of Midwifery Services vs. Hospitals and Doctors.)

Most important is the satisfaction of the experience. This experience begins a story of a lifetime. Make it the very best one that brings a smile and gratitude to all of your lives.

Surgical delivery is done in a hospital setting if needed. The average hospital has a C-section rate of 35%-50%. Sacramento Midwifery practices attended at home have less than 5%. Why, you ask? Because of the preventative care and education women are given throughout. This empowers them to make choices that optimize the outcome. The birth depends on encouraging the normal hormonal functions which are the same ones needed for intimacy: privacy, compassion and support. Take a look at the links provided from organizations throughout the United States on Midwifery care.

Birth needs the power of the uterus, the position of the baby, the passion of a woman’s desire all put together. Birth is normal and needs normalcy to progress. Midwives watch over the normalcy and utilize midwifery skills if the need arises for assistance.

Any partner willing to consult with a midwife will learn a great deal and be a superhero to the birthing woman they are supporting. Remember women are the givers of birth. They need your support to birth where they feel the most comfortable and the most safe. If that is at home with midwifery care, encourage them to follow that instinct and support them with quality midwives to attend them.

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