Birth Matters.

How you birth and how your baby is born sets your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual path in motion for the future.

Midwives believe in normal birth. Midwives believe in you!

When you choose midwifery care, mom, baby and family stay home and are cared for by trained professionals in a nurturing and supported way.
Midwifery care encourages bonding and connection to form relationships that last a lifetime.

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Imagine what midwifery care can do for you…

  • Quality Prenatal care visits, 30-60 minutes
  • Family-centered, children are welcome
  • Empowering, encouraging, respectful
  • Birth in the comforts of your own home
  • Laboring: walking, choosing your own positions, eating, drinking
  • Midwives come to you with equipment, skills and compassionate care
  • Waterbirth options
  • Referrals to physicians or hospital if care requires
  • Assistance with birth certificate and social security numbers

Imagine what midwifery care can do for your baby…

  • Respect for your baby as a very special person
  • Baby stays cradled in your arms where they are safe and warm
  • Post Partum in-home follow up visits
  • Continuity of care for you and baby
  • Breastfeeding guidance and support
  • Education on newborn care at each visit

Did you know

  • Are licensed by the Medical Board of California or certified Nurse Midwives by the Board of Registered Nursing
  • Provide quality comprehensive maternity care
  • Provide annual well woman exams and paps
  • Statistically average 95% successful vaginal births with positive outcomes
  • Carry equipment such as: oxygen, suturing, resuscitative, drugs for bleeding
  • Order labs and ultrasounds, including genetic screening

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